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To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.    Oscar Wilde

Who do you dream as your supporting cast?   Often, we believe that we are born into this world with a certain predisposition. We ask ourselves, “Why couldn’t I have been born with THAT family?”  “Why couldn’t I have been born rich and beautiful?”  We believe that we were born to struggle. We convince ourselves that we were born to not have what we want or that we cannot be who we dream to be. We insist on living out our lives based on our previous experiences. And, there are times when we are inspired to change a story. Our greatness shines only when we are willing to change. None of us were born without the ability to transform. Our society is filled with institutions that insist on our stasis, our staying the same. In reality, we were all born to soar in our own unique way.  Within the noise of all these messages, what role do you play?  Do you play the victim or the victor, the enabled or the enabler, the giver or the taker, the lightness or the darkness?  Who are the relationships that support who you say you are in your drama?

Like a Hollywood blockbuster movie, one of the greatest steps that we can take in creating the masterpiece called “our lives,” begins in the casting process. Who have you cast in the leading role of your life?  Who have you cast as the supporting cast? If you have not cast yourself in the leading role, then stop and start again. If your life is filled with a cast of characters who take from your successes, then stop and start again. Loving yourself as a leading character does not mean that you become self-centered, unconcerned or not compassionate. Unless you can love yourself, you cannot love others.  You are worthy, no matter who you are.  In order to affirm the truth of who you are as worthy, one of the secrets of success is to surround yourself with those who will energize and fuel your dream.   Someone once said, “A friend will remind you who you really are.”  They will remind you of your dreams and your worthiness.  Begin to surround yourself with those who remind you who you really are and watch your life transform!

One of the most relevant aspects of our lives is the competition to define your narrative or story. In any modern city, we can find in the bombardment of messages. From electronic billboards to salesman on street corners with flashing signs to radio commercials to banners flashing on Internet pages to the pulpit on Sunday. Television programming is filled with messages to win over your own personal narrative. Messages from pharmaceutical companies that remind us of your need to prepare for illnesses, with countless side effects, even death. In previous times, churches lined every street corner. Nowadays, drug stores and pharmacies are on each corner.  They have become our temples of worship.   We have become a society that worships illnesses rather than healthy living.  We have become a society obsessed with finding cures outside of ourselves.

With all of these negative messages, having a supporting cast that recognizes your strengths, your hopes, dreams and desires, become imperative.  A good supporting cast will drown out all the negative noise of modern life.  Someone once said, “A friend is someone who will remind you who you really are.”  Your strong supporting cast will remind you of your wonder, your power and your worthiness.  They will see great things in you that you had long forgotten.  So, if your supporting cast does not lift you up in this way, I say it is time for a new cast of characters in your life. Your supporting cast is your first step towards greatness.

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A noble person attracts noble people and knows how to hold onto them. Goethe


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