How To Radically Transform Your Life in Six Weeks or Less

Do you want to make big changes in your life?  Are you looking to create more abundance?  More creativity?  Better relationships? Freedom?  Well, you’ve heard of the people who win really big in the multi-million dollar lottery contests and then end up broke after a few years.  You’ve heard about the people who make their big breaks in Hollywood and then are never heard from again.  Perhaps you’ve have an experience yourself of finally manifesting the your heart’s desires, only to lose it.  Perhaps you saw the film, The Secret, which promoted the Law of Attraction.  Many of the popular seminars and programs offer ideas about how to manifest but they do not offer the tools that will help to maintain what you manifest.  Often, we have no problems manifesting our hopes, dreams and desires.  However, maintaining and sustaining those desires presents more difficulties.  A wise teacher once reminded me, “The universe will not give you a shiny new Mercedes if you do not take care of your 15-year-old Nissan. You cannot have a bigger garden, if you do not take care of the small one.”  We must love the Nissan and nurture the small garden.  In the process of taking care of the Nissan and the small garden, we are actually preparing ourselves to understanding how to maintain what we dream of having and experiencing.  Imagine if you did not treat the one that you love with honor, dignity and respect.  That lover would soon leave.  Our dreams are not different.  Dreamers must commit to living their lives are active participants who practice and rehearse living their lives as dreams fulfilled.

The premise of my book, The Success Fix, is to fix into place the practices that we need to not only manifest our dreams, but to also hold onto them.  For the lottery winner who lost all of her winnings, she did not rehearse living as a millionaire before.  She took her poverty consciousness with her to the bank.   No one would expect someone who dreams of singing at the Metropolitan Opera House to get there without first rehearsing.  The same can be said for the millionaire’s mind or dreamer’s mind.  To maintain and sustain the life of dreamers, we must rehearse a dreamer’s consciousness before. The Success Fix focuses on the following six steps.

#1  Create a Dynamic Mythology – Write a Powerful Story for Your Life!

In every society, the original myth that that society tells about itself indicates the ultimate fate of the society. This is true for our lives.  The stories we tell about ourselves, establishes the outcomes for our lives.  Change your story, then, you can change your life.  One of the most profound practices you can incorporate in your life is to WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE!  Words have power.  For example, notice how many times you disempower yourself with phrases like, “I’ll try (to do something)” Why not commit?  You can guarantee that if a friend tells you that he will TRY to call you at noon, he will not call you.  Listen to what people around have to say.  Their words are telling.  Practice letting your words and your story affirm your brilliance, your wonder and your creativity.

#2  Create Magnificent Vision – Define What Your Dreams Look Like!

For those who do not have a vision for their own lives, their experiences are often shaped by the circumstances of the people and things around them.  But, for those who create their own vision, they create their own circumstances that increase the possibilities for the unfolding of their dreams.  If a dreamer does not hold a powerful vision for himself, how can he expect others to see it? See it! Feel it!  Live it!  When you live from your own high vibrations, others will join in with your grand symphony.

#3  Find Your Blocks –  Time to Clean House

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to get rid of all the clutter in your life.  Our inward thinking has a way of manifesting in our outward lives. We surround ourselves with safety blankets to protect all of our fears and hurts.  To manifest our greatness, we have to let go of the clutter.  This clutter manifests itself as boxes of extra clothes we had planned for donation, papers from years past, extra weight.  Sometimes, the toughest things to let go are our non-supportive friends and relationships.  If you cherish your dreams, why would you allow others who might not cherish them into your circle?  As painful as it might be, dreamers must only surround themselves with those who can see their dreams or something better.  When you let go of the clutter, you will begin to see your dreams more clearly.

#4  Practice a New Script  – Be Willing to Go Outside What is Comfortable!

After writing a new story, creating a clear vision and cleaning house, comes the time to practice.  Dreamers live brave and courageous lives.  The next step to living the life that you dream about is do what Nike directs us to do, JUST DO IT.  Do the thing that you love.  Do the thing that you dream about.  If your dream is to sing, then SING. Be bold!  As Goethe reminded us, “Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”  Somehow, when we step out and do what we love, the universe does conspire with us.

#5  Rehearse Your Magnificence – Do What Love!  Do What You Dream About     Doing!

Great piano players become great because they have mastered the scales.  They practice the musical notes and scales until they can play a song and then they learn another song, until they have mastered many songs. If you are a singer, volunteer to sing at a retirement home.  Do what you love!  If you have mastered the small stage, the big stage will be a easy.

#6  Celebrate and Share – Give Your Gifts Away to the World

Celebrating your gifts is one of the greatest ways to honor yourself and your gifts.  As you do what you love, share you gifts with those around you.  Can your gift be called a gift if it is not shared?

In The Success Fix Couching and Classes, we work through various processes to empower and motivate the clients to step out into their genius, their magnificence and their greatness in order help change the world, starting with themselves.  By following these steps over and over, it will be impossible to fail!  For more details:


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